Tuning your business for maximum performance.

IT Consulting

A modern IT infrastructure should help you and your business to perform at peak efficiency. But often enough existing solutions do not or not fully suit your needs. This can cost you a lot of time, headaches and money. Time to make your IT do what you want!

Software / Webdesign

Sometimes it is hard to find software that does what you and your business really needs. In this case a tailor-made solution might be the best option for you. I specialize in cloud and web-based solutions and also create websites.

Business Engineering

Using modern methods of process engineering, I can help you identify and fix the parts and processes of your business that are not performing as smoothly and efficiently as they should.

Aviation Expert

With over 10 years of experience in the aviation world I can help with aircraft sales and aquisition, training, certification and imports. My specialty is the development of maintenance management systems for general aviation.


Andreas Krupp


I started creating websites more than 10 years ago in 2004. Back then I was still in highschool and used this part-time webdesign work for small businesses, towns and clubs to earn some extra money for my biggest passion: flying.

To join those magnificent men in their flying machines was my childhood dream and back in 2004 I finally took control of a glider for the first time. Over the following years my involvement in aviation got bigger and bigger. Today I possess several pilot licenses and instructor ratings. I also own a 1947 Cessna 140 and have experience in aircraft import and certification.

After highschool I studied physics at the venerable Heidelberg University. This gave me ample opportunity to hone my analytical skills and expand my knowledge in software development from webdesign to other areas, such as embedded systems and networks.

Towards the end of 2013, shortly after earning my Master's degree, I was given the chance to go from Germany to New Zealand to work with an aircraft engineering company. Over the following year I helped them to streamline their processes by creating a complete workshop management software. Towards the end of the project we got so convinced of this software that we are now developing it for the public market.

Now, back in Germany, I am offering my skills to everybody who needs an expert in IT and/or aviation. Feel free to contact me with your needs!


“One day everything will be well, that is our hope. Everything's fine today, that is our illusion.” — Voltaire


Listening to
your needs

Your business lives through the people involved. Hence I try to spend a lot of time in-house to listen to the needs and problems of everybody, from management and employees to the customers.


Based on the feedback from the people involved and a careful analysis of your business I then try to identify the processes and systems that hamper your efficiency.

the brains

I always think hard to try and find ways to fine-tune your processes and IT instead of completely changing the way your business works. Often some small and simple adjustments can greatly boost your efficiency.


When implementing changes or developing new software or websites I again try to work in-house as much as possible to take advantage of having immediate feedback available.

the results

Your satisfaction is my goal. I only consider a project terminated when everyone involved is statisfied with the results.


“Through the right people focusing on the right things, we can, in time, get on top of a lot if not most of the problems of this world. And that's what a number of us are trying to do.” — Richard Branson


I use state-of-the-art frameworks such as Symfony and Bootstrap to create web applications and websites that are easy to use, good looking, fast and secure. And thanks to the principle of responsive design everything will work equally well on smartphones, tablets and desktop computers.

My other area of expertise lies outside of the web. I have extensive knowledge in C/C++ and know my way around developing hard- and software for embedded systems.


“The best customer service is if the customer doesn't need to call you, doesn't need to talk to you. It just works.” — Jeff Bezos



Buying an used aircraft can have a lot of potential pitfalls like non-compliance to mandatory ADs or hidden problems. I can help you find the right aircraft by carefully examining the history of the model and the individual example and offering advice for pre-purchase inspections and test flights.


Quite often your dream aircraft might be located abroad. This means thinking about transport or ferry flights, certification and registration issues as well as additional costs. I have made some good experiences in these matters, with the focus being the United States.


I am actively working on a maintenance management system called "SAMMS" that will enable owners, maintenance providers and manufacturers to considerable reduce the effort needed to properly maintain aircraft all over the world.


“It takes a person of great care and insight to watch for any abnormality in the green grass even while it grows abundantly and healthily.” — Kenzaburo Oe


Contact Information

  Nobelstr. 18, 68775 Ketsch, Germany
  +49 160 7822713
  Andreas Krupp
  Andreas Krupp

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